Monday, May 3, 2010

Relay For Life...Team TA TA

CANCER...such an ugly word that seems to have impacted everyone's life in some way. My sweet friend/boss Andrea was diagnosed with breast cancer in Aug. 09 and has conquered the beast. To show our support, we decided to have a team from work in the St. George American Cancer Relay For Life on April 23/24. We decided to name our team "Team Ta Ta" and we all got "Save the TaTa's" shirts. We set up an awesome camp and had a delicious dutchoven dinner (thanks Scott) and walked & ran our brains out! It was so much fun & really meaningful to all of us! FIND A CURE!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

EaSTeR 2010

For Easter this year we all met up in Washington & went to a park near Matt & Keely's house. It was a beautiful day (the weather in Enterprise that day was awful) and the kiddos really enjoyed being outside! We had some KFC (yum) and just hung out. It was a really nice day! Here a few pics of the day & Easter morning the Easter Bunny found Kenzie at our house! Whew...we were afraid he would not be able to find her!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Poor Tom has had so much medical stuff in the past month & therefore the blogging has been seriously neglected!
Tom was scheduled to have a tri-level back fusion surgery in Provo with a reknowned surgeon on Feb. 24th. A routine bone scan 2 weeks before the surgery found a problem in his right femur bone. He has no marrow in 14cm of the femur and lesions all over the bone. He had to go in for an emergency biopsy (we still do not have concrete results at this time) and then 5 days later he had the back surgery. Needless to say, it was horrible for him but he is slowly making progress every day.
He is gonna be a new man when he is all healed up!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Matt is Special

I need to clarify about the picture of Matt sporting those lovely underwear on my previous post...and yes, he is gonna kill me if he finds out that is on here! I always get the standard socks, underwear, pjs etc for the boys each year for Christmas. Well, I am gonna blame it on my bum foot and the swine flu.. but somehow I ended up getting these lovely striped tighty whities for Matt, not to mention they were a size 46 Waist!!! He was so funny, I was making breakfast & came in the living room and he was modeling them for everyone! That kid makes me laugh & I love him to pieces!

Christmas at the Cooper's 2009

Christmas was a little rough for me this year...I had surgery on my foot in October and had just gotten the cast off the first week of December when I slipped in the snow & reinjured it. Needless to say...I was not happy & was back in the cast. Then to add insult to injury...I got the Swine Flu 7 days before Christmas! I thought I might die.. but I didn't and by Christmas Eve I actually felt human & even managed to make Christmas Eve Dinner with Tom's help. Matt, Keely & the twins came and stayed at our house that night as well as Skyler & Kenzie so it was really nice. Everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed each other. I love my family!

Wedding Pics...Finally!

I am such a slacker but sometimes life just totally gets away from me & that is the case with my blog!!
Matt & Keely got married on Nov. 13, 2009 and it was such a lovely evening! Keelys mother did a beautiful job with the decorations & Keely's sisters, grandma, mom & aunt all made hundreds of little pies to serve. It was so fun & couldn't have been more perfect. We are happy for Matt & Keely and especially for Teagun & Taisley!!

Monday, December 14, 2009